Supported by the international scholarly community and global coalitions of stakeholders, the push toward Open Access has gained momentum in the past few years as the relationships among authors, publishers, funders, research institutions, libraries, and other members of the scholarly community have evolved. This has resulted in a progressive shift to Open Access models impacting library collection development and management activities. 

Alliances of research and non-profit organizations are working together to transform the current publishing environment to the new Open Access scholarly communication ecosystem that ensures the content is open and re-usable and that the costs associated with its dissemination are transparent and economically sustainable. Working with publishers on new transformative agreements and other models, libraries and library consortia play an important role in advancing the Open Access transformation. Partnerships of researchers, librarians, Open Access book publishers, and infrastructure providers, are working on new governance models and on new community-owned, open systems and infrastructures to enable open access publishing to flourish. These are just a few examples of the Open Access transformation affecting the development and management of library collections within a very few years.

Open Access has such relevance and timeliness that the Acquisition and Collection Development Section plans to divide its program on the topic into two sessions to allow for the full exploration of how Open Access has or will permeate collection development globally.

During the 45-minutes inital session of its Open Programme, invited speakers will present their perspectives on the impact that the Open Access transformation currently has and will continue to have during the next few years on library collection development and management.


Open Programme Theme

Power of Transformation: Open Access and Library Collections


  • Introduction of the topic and presenters (Lidia Uziel, ACD chair)
  • Panel presentations

Lorcan Dempsey (OCLC): Collection directions under the influence of open

Colleen Campbell (OA2020 Partner Development, MPDL): Breaking down barriers and building an open future  

Reggie Raju (University of Cape Town): Collection development in an Open Access era: a disruptive model

Eileen Joy (Punctum Books): Why Infrastructure Matters for Open Access Publishing: The COPIM Project

  • Panel presentation will be followed by 30-minutes Q&A (Moderator: Lidia Uziel, ACD Chair)​


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