The Cataloguing Section analyses the functions of cataloguing activities for all types of material and media, including both bibliographic and authority information, for the benefit of all users.

The Section proposes and develops cataloguing rules and principles, vocabularies, guidelines, tools and standards for bibliographic information, taking into account the development of electronic and networked digital environments to promote universal access to, and the exchange of, bibliographic and authority information.

Also, the Cataloguing Section monitors relevant and innovative approaches in or related to cataloguing, namely linked data capabilities, cooperative creation of metadata, new professional skills or metadata reutilization.

And, yes, we love cataloguing!


The Section has close relationships and liaises with many organizations and institutions, including national cataloguing and standardization committees, multinational organizations, committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), especially with TC46–Information and Documentation.

The section works with the IFLA Bibliography, Subject Analysis and Access, and Information Technology Sections, and with the Advisory Committee of Standards, and its related groups:

This unit is part of the Professional Division H.