IFLA Conference Programmes

IFLA Conference Workshops

  • 2013, Tijuana: International seminar on global trends in acquisitioon and collection development in academic and public libraries
  • 2003, Berlin: Recent Developments on Co-operative Collection Development
  • 2002, Glasgow: Evaluating Electronic Resources
  • 2001, Boston: Exchange of Publications and Projections for its Future
  • 2000, Jerusalem: Collection Development in the Digital Age: Organizational Challenges
  • 1998, Amsterdam: New Collections: New Marketplace Relationships
  • 1997, Copenhagen: The New Economics of Publishing (with the Section on Serial Publications and the UAP Core Programme) and Licensing Electronic Content for Libraries: The New Regime? (with the Section on Management and Marketing and the Publishers Liaison Committee)
  • 1996, Beijing: Recent and new Developments in STM Publishing and Information Dissemination: Overview and Outlook for Librarians and Information Specialists (with STM Publishing)

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