Title Singapore National Bibliography
Web site address Please log on to the following page to look for description of the bibliography:http://tinyurl.com/y8galrk. Alternatively, you can log on to http://nl.sg and look under the Site Map – About the National Library and then log on to the Statutory Functions of the National Library for the above page on the description of the Singapore National Bibliography. With regards to the website for the Singapore National Bibliography, you can log on to http://snb.nl.sg/catIndex/index.html for a beta version of the online bibliography. The agency is reviewing this website.
Start date Began in 1969
Period covered 1967 to date
Current size 96, 018 (as at Dec 2009)
Media covered
  1. Books and pamphlets for sale, including children’s books;
  2. Books and pamphlets not for sale (including privately printed publications, publications of political parties, bye-laws and reports of associations, society publications, newsletters, etc of societies, churches etc distributed to members),
  3. Government publications including those (i) for sale, (ii) for free distribution, and (iii) for limited distribution.
  4. Current serials on first appearance, including company accounts and reports, house journals and school magazines.
  5. Selective art catalogues, programmes and trade catalogues.
  6. Audio-visual materials, including sound recordings, video recordings, CD-ROMS and other electronic documents.
  7. Any other materials that may reflect the social, cultural or other aspects of the country.
General selection criteria Materials which are published in Singapore.
Selection criteria for digital resources CD-ROM, multimedia CD-ROMs, DVDROMS published in Singapore.
Exclusions policies applied
  1. Government publications of a routine natures, acts, bills, supplements, subsidiary legislations, parliamentary debates, gazettes, restricted publications, posters and ephemera materials.
  2. Theses.
  3. Materials of an ephemeral nature and posters.
  4. Internet resources.
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control National Library, Singapore
Web site address of national bibliographic agency http://nl.sg
Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography Legal deposit networks, relationships with ISBN/ISSN agencies, cooperation with publisher organisations.
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies Single national bibliography
Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography In-house.
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements National Legal Deposit arrangements
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme Yes. The CIP programme is part of the services provided to aid in the formation and gathering of records for the national bibliography.
Media & format options – CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
– Online (http://snb.nl.sg/catIndex/index.html)
– SILAS (Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services) website
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web catalogue; CD/DVD Rom; Z39.50
Metadata enhancements offered via online services NIL
Web 2.0 services offered NIL
Frequency of service updates Twice a year for the CD/DVD ROM
Target audiences for services Academic & Public libraries; Book trade; Users & researchers interested in Singapore & its publishing trends.
Uses made of services offered Advance notification of publications; Selection aid for Singapore Imprints & Acquisitions; Sharing of Bibliographic data with local libraries.
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services Cost recovery.
Availability of metadata for re-use Only librarians are aware and can access the metadata via web catalogue as the web catalogue has not been promoted even though it is in public domain.
Metadata formats MARC21
Cataloguing code AACR2
Levels of description offered AACR Level 2
Subject standards LCSH supplemented by SASH (SILAS Approved Subject Headings)
Name authority standards NACO
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? No