Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the LIDATEC Sub-Committee were endorsed by the Professional Committee in 2014 and the first call for members was made in 2015.


The IFLA Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee supports the linked data and namespaces activities of IFLA professional units by assisting in the publishing of standards, and in providing training and support to these activities. The IFLA Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee replaces the Namespaces Technical Group.

The Sub-Committee reports directly to the Committee on Standards and is considered a sub-committee of that group.


The LIDATEC Sub-Committee will:

  • Coordinate the development of namespaces by IFLA groups who wish to publish standards in a linked data form.
  • Develop and promote guidelines for the efficient and effective management of IFLA namespaces.
  • Discuss and formulate the framework for a namespace registration system for IFLA standards.
  • Develop training materials for units wishing to publish their standards in namespace registry
  • Oversee the development of infrastructure to support the efficient and effective management of IFLA namespaces.
  • Support the Committee on Standards in areas of linked data and the Semantic Web.
  • Act as liaison with non-IFLA groups involved in the organization of information as linked data in the Semantic Web.
  • Promote and make more visible the IFLA namespaces and encourage their use in all appropriate communities.

Membership and terms of office

The Sub-Committee comprises a minimum of 5 and up to 7 members with relevant professional and technical expertise, including

  • the Chair of the IFLA Linked Data Technical Committee, and
  • one member of the Committee on Standards as ex-officio liaison.

Members chosen should be as geographically diverse as possible.

Members, selected on the basis of their expertise, will be appointed for two years, renewable once.

Members of the Sub-Committee will be appointed by the Professional Committee in consultation with the Chair of the Committee on Standards and relevant professional units.

The Chair will be nominated by the Committee on Standards and endorsed by the Professional Committee. The term of office of the Chair is two years, renewable once, preferably to coincide with the term of the Professional Committee. The role of the Chair is to coordinate the work of the Sub-Committee, ensure liaison with the Committee on Standards / Professional Committee and relevant professional units as well as with external namespace registration management bodies.

All members (except ex-officio member) are expected to assist and support IFLA professional units in the publication of their standards as linked data.


The Sub-Committee shall meet at least once a year during the IFLA WLIC and will do most of their work virtually.

The Sub-Committee will submit an annual report to the Committee on Standards by August of each year and will attend the first scheduled committee meeting of the Committee on Standards.