Library Services to People with Special Needs Section

Minutes of Standing Committee Meeting

At the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Meeting for the development of Guidelines for Library Services to People  Experiencing Homelessness

16 August 2016, SC III: 16:30-18:00; Room: 225



SC members:

Misako Nomura
Nancy Bolt
Erlend Ra
Sanja Bunić
Anne Sieberns
Marie Engberg Eiriksson
Maria Isabel Gutiérrez Sánchez


Julie Ann Winkelstein, University of Tennessee, USA
Sara Zettervall, Whole Person Librarianship, USA

1. Welcome and Introductions

Sanja thanked everyone present for attending the meeting in order to take further steps regarding the development of the Guidelines. Sara was introduced as a founder of Whole Person Librarianship and she is interested in cooperating in the development and reviewing of the Guidelines. Nancy and Sanja took minutes.

2. Approval of the Agenda

Approved by consensus.

3. Review of the program of LSN session

Everybody agreed that the program was great with good speakers but also noticed that some of the speakers spoke too fast. It would be good to send guidelines to speakers about making presentations accessible and emphasize to them the importance of following those guidelines. There were 219 attendees at the our session Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness: Overview and Examples.

4. Feedback on the First Draft of the Guidelines

Sanja and Nancy emphasized that every author of the chapters in the Guidelines should read the IFLA Standards Procedures Manual before rewriting their chapter. At the moment the Guidelines contain a preface plus 21 chapters. Most of the chapters need some changes.

Ann’s chapter       

Human Rights and Homelessness

Julie’s chapters

Action planning – fine
Policies – has to be shortened
– add links to policies on websites
Attitudes add resources

Vikki’s chapter

Staff support
– change terminology, sub-numbering,
– add resources

Nancy’s chapters

Outcomes/Needs Assessment/ Evaluation of Services
General Services
– add resources

Ryan’s chapter

Practiced Guide on Interaction with People Experiencing
Homelessness – format into Word document

Sanja’s chapters

Homelessness: An overview
Communication and Advocacy
– need revision

Despina’s chapter

Services for Refugees – needs revision

Dragana’s chapter

Non-Professional Psycho-social Support – needs revision

Elissa’s  chapter

Social Work in Libraries – needs revision


           Chapters – not written or finished yet

Julie: Executive Summary, Vocabulary and Sample Policies

Julie and Vikki: Children, youth, and families

Nancy: Funding

Marie: List of libraries sending examples

Sanja: Compile resources from other chapters – Suggested Resources


5.  Correction, Extension and Editing of the First Draft

According to feedback on the first draft of the guidelines, a timeline was suggested for work still to be done.

August 30              Funding survey issued

September 17        Current chapters not revised are revised
                              Some revised chapters need more work

September 30        All new chapters completed

October 15             Full editing of entire document              Nancy and Julie
                               Send to Working group for review         Sanja

October 30             All Working group members reviews in
                               Final review and editing                        Nancy and Julie

November 10         Sent to world for review                        Sanja with Working group

January 10             World wide review ends
                               Comments integrated                            Julie and Nancy

February 10            Sent to IFLA for review                         Sanja

NOTE: In the meanwhile the deadlines were extended because of unpredictable situations in the private and business lives of some authors. It was also decided that two chapters will not be in the Guidelines: Sample Policies and Practiced Guide on Interaction with People Experiencing Homelessness.

6.  Worldwide Review Process

The draft of the Guidelines will be posted on our website for the worldwide review process.  Explanations of what we expect from the reviewing process, as well a deadline, will also be posted.  After our session in Columbus Marie collected business cards from attendees who wanted to participate in the process. She will make a list and send it to Sanja to contact them. We will also contact all relevant national and international organisations worldwide that are working with people experiencing homelessness. Misako will contact other IFLA units.  We will ask other IFLA LSN members to assist us in sharing information about this process. 

7.  Other business

Sanja will prepare a poster about the process of developing Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness for WLIC 2017 in Poland