Library Services to People with Special Needs Section

Minutes for Standing Committee Meeting in Ohio
SCI:  12:30 -15:00,   Sat. 13 Aug. 2016 at C220-221
SCII:  08:00 -09:30   Thu. 18 Aug. 2016 at C225

1. Opening by Chair

Misako opened the meeting and welcomed all presented at this meeting.

2. Attendance and Apologies 

Standing Committee members:
Misako Nomura, Chair
Nancy Bolt, Secretary
Erlend Ra Information Coordinator
Chris Corrigan
Sanja Bunic
Anne Sieberns
Marie Engberg Eiriksson
Maria Isabel Gutiérrez Sánchez

Observers (1st Meeting)
Mike Marlin                              USA                 
Kristina Passad                         Sweden             
Amal Al Shammari                   Qatar                    
Monica Llrezua Cerpa              Chile
Koen Krikhaar                           Netherland
Yasmine Mohamed Youssef     Egypt

Observers (2nd Meeting) 
Clara Lukin              Australia  
Kasper Østergaard Grønkjær   Denmark  

3. Approval of the Agenda

Add Professional Committee request to #10 on reviewing guidelines

4. Minutes of August 2016 SC Mid-year Meeting in Berlin and its approval

It was Approved. 

5. Chair’s Report (including financial report)

  • Attended Professional Committee’s Officer’s Forum meeting this morning (13/Aug).
    New Secretary General, Gerard Leightner made a presentation.  He said that IFLA will do a membership survey, prepare a Global Library Map, and hold a meeting for all officers next March.

  • IFLA announced that LSN has 110 Euros as administrative budget for next year.

6. Survey and Worksheet, “What Makes a Dynamic Professional Unit?”

Regarding this, we were asked to fill in the form for Professional Committee after discussing it and participate in the session on Wednesday since the Professional Committee wants to discuss with representative of the section. Five SC members including officers attended the session to contribute to the discussion.

7. Ongoing Project

  • Development of Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness
    Sanja Bunic, co-chair, gave a report. We will have a Session on Tuesday, 1;45 – 3:45. There will also be a meeting on further development of guidelines following our Session.   Sanja is very satisfied that all authors of the guidelines met the deadlines.  By mid-year in Berlin we had collected about 50 examples, however, only five were from developing countries. The UN has a goal to end poverty all over the world – these guidelines are very important for that effort. 

  • Guidelines for People with Dyslexia
    There have been updates of the Knowledge Base and Good Practices
    The guidelines have been currently translated into Spanish and Swedish.  
    Recommended to be mounted on the American Library Association website
    German translation will be translated by the German Library for the Blind
    Croatian translation will be ready in September and introduced in a workshop
    Check list was done by French Ministry of Culture
    Danish Language Association did a poster on the guidelines.
    Dutch translation was on the website.
    Articles of good practices have been written in Japanese and translated into English and good practices in Croatian are being translated into English.
    Send examples of service to Misako and we will update the knowledge base on the web site.

8. Project Proposals for 2017

8.1 New project ideas

  • Development of Guidelines for people who are deaf
    Getting started with workshop in DC March 9 Gallaudet University.
    Chris arranged housing.
    Isabel talked about mobile technology for people who are deaf such as mobile aps that translate into sign language
    Dunja and Marie Noelle will be co-chair for this effort.
    Deaf-blind people might be included in the Guidelines and if so we will ask LPD for cooperation.

  • Updates of Accessibility Paper
    Nancy reported that it was sent to IFLA headquarters, Public Library Section, Building and Equipment Section, LPD Section and National library Section and with its feedback from them, it would be revised before the Mid-year meeting.

  • Prison library publication – report by Erlend
    Erlend read Gerhard’s letter about the prison publication in English.
    Regarding this we wrote a letter of support at no cost of LSN
    When ready we will make it available through our website.

  • Guidelines schedule indicated in the LSN Strategic Plan – one year delay was decided. The Guidelines for people in nursing homes delayed a year as scheduled.

9. Conference Planning

  • Conference in Columbus 2016
    13-19 Aug 2016, Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
    Theme: Connections. Collaboration. Community   

a. LSN Session
(13:45-15:45, Tue 16 Aug at Room:C210-212
Session 147: Guidelines for Library Service to People Experiencing Homelessness: Overview and Examples by Library Services to People with Special Needs. More at the following website:

b.  Meeting for the Homeless Guidelines Project
(16:45-18:00, Tue. 16 Aug at Room 225)
Sanja described the details of the LSN session and discussed the futureschedule to complete this project. The minutes of this meeting will be uploaded to LSN website.

c.  Division III program (13:45 -15:45, Sun 14 Aug at Room 210-212)
The theme of the program is “Library Services taking action for the UN 2030 Agenda.” Sanja made a presentation titled “On the front line: Libraries contribution to a sustainable future supporting people experiencing homelessness” on behalf of LSN. More at the following website:

  • Conference in Wroclaw, Poland 2017
    Program Possibility –

    • Accessibility at all kinds of conferences (library, workshops and events) will be focused. Regarding this, we will ask LPD for cooperation

    • To offer IFLA staffs a training on accessibility such as web accessibility.

  • Satellite conference in cooperation with LPD

    • Maybe we will organize a satellite meeting in 2018. It will be focused on general accessibility in libraries. More will be discussed during the mid-year meeting. We will ask LPD for cooperation sine LPD might be interested in thinking about it.

10. Review of current guidelines as requested by IFLA.

  • Homeless guidelines will be finished early 2017.

  • Deaf guidelines will start to develop in March 2018

  • Elderly people in nursing home guidelines were decided to develop after the deaf guidelines for 2017-2019. We will look if it is possible to combine with the dementia guidelines.

  • Regarding the prison guidelines Erlend said that we should begin to look at the prison guidelines.

11. Information and Publication

  • Report from Information Coordinator, Erlend

a. Facebook
Getting better because people are adding documents and removing them. We had a spam attack but Erlend corrected it.

b. Website
Updated regularly by Erlend.
In Berlin, we talked about accessibility issues
IFLA says we cannot upload the contents in html format. So Erlend has started uploading contents both in PDF and html format.
Redesigning website of IFLA the following questions was made.
   Have they considered International guidelines on accessibility?
   Have they included anyone on the committee familiar with these issues?
   Have they done a beta test that included accessibility?

  • New LSN Brochure
    It was printed and distributed for SC members and participants who were attending our LSN session. Marie Denmark will send it in doc format to Erlend and Anne Marie and Anne Sieberns will seek to get it translated. (However, IFLA suggested some change of the brochure. Based on the suggestion, we will discuss the final version of the brochure in Washington. DC. )

  • Updates of knowledge base and best practices of Dyslexia guidelines
    The first updates was done by August 2016 and its will be done every two year.

12. Membership Matters

  • Corresponding member status was reviewed. The number of corresponding members is 5 and appointed by Chair. Ray finished the term. And Helle and Dunja will finish it at the end of 2017. Marie-Noelle will be a corresponding member after August 2017.

  • Preparation for IFLA Standing Committee Elections 2015-2019
    We reviewed status of all committee members and Misako reminded that those who would end their first 4 year term (2013-2017) will have to be nominated for their second 4 year term again. The deadline for submission is February 8. 

13. Other Business

  • Mid-year meeting in 2017

    • It was decided to be held on March 9 and 10 in Washington D.C.

    • A report on plans and programs for the meeting was done by Chris.
        March 9   SC meeting and Deaf guidelines workshop
        March 10 SC meeting

    • Regarding the accommodation Misako had a contract with Kellogg Conference Hotel with the special room rate and will send the code to those who will stay at the Hotel to book a room there.