Global Library Publishing Map

Closely aligned to IFLA Key Initiative 2.4 “Provide tools and infrastructure that support the work of libraries”, IFLA’s Library Publishing Special Interest Group (IFLA LIBPUB SIG) is focused on an identified trend which has emerged over the past decade: libraries taking on a visible role along the publishing continuum. This concerns not only scholarly materials by academic libraries (articles, reports, books, data), but also community content (stories, local histories, self-publishing support).

In taking on this task, LIBPUB was inspired by the leadership of the US-based Library Publishing Coalition (LPC), which had begun documenting the library publishing activities of its core, heavily US-based, members and since 2014 has developed a robust process and structure for producing its annual Directory (print and electronic). The Global Library Publishing Map has been made possible by the LPC’s close collaboration with the IFLA LibPub SIG.

IFLA LibPub + IFLA Strategy