De Gruyter-IFLA LTR Research Award

In 2015, the LTR Section has participated to the De Gruyter Research Award by proposing a thema, doing the jury and selecting the author winning the Award. Congratulations to Ana Parvan for winning this Award ! 

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The Data Curator Project

The role of data curator has become an important position, stimulated by the emerging need of curate data produced by scholars, governments, institutions. Is this the role of data scientists? cultural heritage professionals? computer scientists? or is it a completely new role?

Researcher-Librarian Partnership

Final reports of the Researcher-Librarian Partnership, begun in 2010 by Helen Partridge:

Impact of IFLA norms

The Impact of IFLA norms was a LTR-project, which started in 2003, initiated by Prof. Ragnar Audunson, Oslo. 

Political Perceptions

Political Perceptions was an LTR-project which started in 2001, initiated by Prof. Bob Usherwood, Sheffield.

Research Toolkit

The Research Toolkit was a LTR-project, initiated in 2004, by Prof. Wally Koehler and Prof. Ragnar Audunson.

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