*Nominations for the 2024 DUIAs will open in April 2024

A dynamic IFLA Professional Unit has the greatest impact on IFLA’s global work – engaging members, developing strong leadership and identity, delivering high-quality services with a measurable impact, and communicating activities within IFLA and beyond. The IFLA Professional Council Dynamic Unit and Impact Awards (DUIA) recognises those Professional Units who have put the expectations of a dynamic unit into practice.

Beginning in 2023, Units may be presented with one of four awards:

  • DUIA – Overall Achievement
  • DUIA – Quality and Impact of the Work
  • DUIA – Effective Communication
  • DUIA – Membership Engagement and Leadership Development

Past Award Recipients

How it works

A call for DUIA nominees is launched in April of the award year. Eligible IFLA Professional Units – Divisions, Sections, Special Interest Groups, and Review Groups – may nominate or be nominated for the Award through an online application. Units identify, describe and provide evidence of those ways they have met or exceeded the DUIA criteria during the year (August to August).

A jury, made up of members from the Professional Council and a representative from the Unit awarded the previous year, evaluates the applications against the criteria to make their selection.  Winners are announced during the Closing Session of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.


Quality and Impact of the Work

  • Units ensure the quality and impact of their work and
    • Identify, consult and engage its community of interest and stakeholders, including those beyond IFLA Members.
    • Formulate a clear Action Plan of proposed Unit work, strongly aligned to the IFLA Strategy and supported by clear, measurable objectives and impact statements.
    • Select and execute activities to support stated objectives, by evenly distributing responsibilities and roles across the Unit’s structure.
    • Involve active and influential non-IFLA partners in relevant SC work and objectives.Judging criteria and instructions for applying will be available on a separate Call for nominations webpage.

Effective Communication

  • Units facilitate effective communication about their work and
    • Develop and implement a clear and actionable communications plan, in which all SC Members play a role in planning and execution.
    • Communicate Action Plan progress and successes consistently and frequently to its community of interest, stakeholders, Section Members, SC Members and the IFLA community.
    • Encourage dialogue, discussion and participation from its community of interest and stakeholders to determine sector needs, hot topics, collaboration potential, and IFLA engagement opportunities.
    • Produce publications via IFLA channels – IFLA Journal, Professional Report series (online, Open Access publications), IFLA Publications series, IFLA Guidelines and Standards

Membership Engagement & Leadership Development

  • Units engage with their membership, develop their leadership and
    • Elect Officers who lead proactively, with clear goals and direction, who identify roles and tasks for all SC members, and ensure all members have a voice.
    • Manage and facilitate virtual Committee work to function as an international community that identifies itself as an active supporter of the Unit’s objectives
    • Attract a diverse and inclusive membership, which is renewed and refreshed with each election cycle, by articulating the professional value of Standing Committee membership.


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