The IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the Working Group who dedicated themselves to developing digitization planning guidelines over a 3-year period, and to many others who helped to refine and improve several draft versions.  The final draft of the Guidelines was submitted in early July 2014 to the Professional Committee and the Standards Committee for approval.

These guidelines were identified as a priority strategic task at the Gothenburg meeting in August 2010.  The Working Group chair, Isabel Garcia-Monge (Spain), hosted a 2-day midterm meeting in Madrid in April 2011, during which the group produced a first draft.  The group reconvened for a full working day at the Puerto Rico meeting in August 2011 and produced a second draft in January 2012.  A third draft was issued following a midterm working group meeting in Antwerp in February 2012.  The Working Group then presented a 2-hour open conference session in Singapore in August 2013 to introduce the draft guidelines and solicit comments from the audience.  More than 200 people attended the session and participated in an animated 45-minute question-and-answer discussion which resulted in much valuable feedback.

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The Working Group members are listed below.  (An asterisk (*) denotes a member of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Standing Committee.)

  • Isabel Garcia-Monge, Chair (Spain)*
  • Ivan Boserup (Denmark)
  • Anne Eidsfeldt (Norway)*
  • Pilar Egoscozábal Carrasco (Spain)*
  • Claudia Fabian (Germany)*
  • David Farneth (United States)*
  • Sirkka Havu (Finland)*
  • Raphaële Mouren (France)*
  • Angela Nuovo (Italy)*
  • Krister Östlund (Sweden)*
  • Edwin C. Schroeder (United States)*
  • Garrelt Verhoeven (Netherlands)*
  • Wolfang-Valentin Ikas (Germany)
  • Marina Venier (Italy)*


Other people who participated, read, or commented on various drafts include:


  • Jan Bos (The Netherlands)*
  • Mark Dimunation (United States)*
  • Joanna Escobedo (Spain)
  • Cristina Guillén Bermejo, (Spain)
  • Pilar Moreno García (Spain)*
  • Alexander Samarin (Russian Federation)*
  • Carolin Schreiber (Germany)
  • Winston Tabb (United States)*
  • Marta Torres Santo Domingo (Spain)
  • Olga Vega (Cuba)