Draft agreement – as at 14 May 2006


The governing bodies of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) Inc. and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) acknowledge the importance of working together now and in the future to better meet the professional needs of those within or interested in the school library and information sector.

To achieve this objective the two governing bodies agree to co-operate and collaborate on the initiatives outlined herein and to pursue further opportunities as they arise. In general, collaboration and co-operation will focus on areas:

  • being of mutual benefit to each organisation and its membership;
  • having a current and future practice focus;
  • emphasising library and information services within the school community.

Policy advice

IASL and IFLA will establish a joint working party comprising representatives from each organisation by {month, year} with the following terms of reference:

Terms of reference


The IASL/IFLA joint working party is to advise the IASL Executive Committee and the IFLA Board of Directors on:

submissions on matters relating to library and information practice within the school community. Submissions may be in response to a call for submissions or at the instigation of IASL/IFLA;

the development of policy statements or documents relating to library and information practice within the school community;

strategies to articulate and promote the role of library and information services and staff within the school community;

other matters as determined by the IASL and IFLA governing bodies.

Membership of the working party

Membership shall comprise members from IASL and IFLA with expertise in library and information services within the school community. There shall be no more than three members from each organisation and an equal representation should be aimed for. In the appointment of members the two governing bodies shall seek to ensure a range of experience and knowledge. The working party may co-opt expertise as needed in particular areas and which is not available through its members. The working party may appoint a chairperson from within its membership.

Terms of office

Members will be appointed for a term of two years except where the governing bodies seek to establish an overlap of terms it may appoint members for less than two years.


The working party shall meet electronically, or face-to-face where an opportunity presents to meet without travel costs for either organisation. The group shall report as required on matters referred by the governing bodies. The group may refer matter of interest or concern to the governing bodies for consideration.


The working party shall be subject to the review requirements of the governing bodies and no more than every two years.


IASL Executive Secretary shall provide secretariat support. Financial or administrative support may be sought from IFLA as agreed to by both associations.

IASL and IFLA commend this significant development.

Signed by:

(two from IASL) and (two from IFLA)


Appointment procedure

To achieve the best possible representation for {insert name of association} for the IASL/IFLA Joint Working Party each of the associations nominate members.

Selection criteria

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven professional development record
  • Ability to work with technology as a collaborative tool
  • Broad knowledge of the field of school librarianship worldwide
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Task orientation and time management skills

Please complete the Nomination form together with a copy of your curriculum vitae and send to {insert association central office email address} on or before {month, date, year}.