Action Plan 2021-2023: Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section.
Strategic Direction 2 – Inspire and Enhance Professional Practice

COMLAW, the Comparative Law Database, is a project that began during the 2021-2023 term and remains in IFLAPARL’s Action Plan 2023-2025. It is an aggregator of digital, open access publications on national and compared law studies that aims to assist librarians and researchers in parliaments in their work.

We invite the community of parliamentary librarians and researchers to support and supply material for this free multilingual database, in order to reenforce this community-sourced project to provide authoritative information for the parliamentary community.

To contribute to COMLAW, please download the Excel template, fill it in and send it to [email protected], by correspondence copying at [email protected]. You can repeat this procedure regularly, whenever you have new material to share.

Should you have any questions, please write us to:

IFLAPARL Secretary, Julie Anderson at [email protected]
IFLAPARL Information Coordinator, Iouliani (Lila) Theodosi at [email protected]