IFLA has a network of Language Centres for its official languages, and volunteers also translate documents into other languages. However, in the case of standards, especially normative documents, it may be preferred that subject experts translate the documents even when the target language is one of IFLA’s official languages.

Translated documents should include a statement with the name of the translator, their organisation, and a disclaimer:

The text of this document has been translated into [language] and differences from the original text may occur. This translation is provided for reference purposes only.

Translators should ensure that as much as the original text as possible is translated including title page data, headings, footnotes, graphs/tables and image labels. The images, tables, graphs, etc. must be pasted back into the correct position in the text.

See our Translations and Reprints webpage for further information about IFLA’s language and translation policy and procedures for making a new translation.