Governing Board Elections 2011-2013

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2011-2013

Kent Skov Andreasen (Denmark)

Kent Skov Andreasen
Library director, Odense Central Public Library
Odense, Denmark
Tel. +45 6551 4416

Danish candidate for IFLA Governing Board

Public libraries are a cornerstone in an enlightened society. We have a responsibility to develop libraries for all, on a local scale as well as on an international scale — Kent Skov Andreasen

Kent Skov Andreasen is acting director at Odense Central Public Library in Denmark.  He received his degree in librarianship in Copenhagen in 1984, and he is a chartered librarian.

Kent is an active member of IFLA and has now served for almost 8 years in IFLA SC for Public Libraries and has taken part in every WLIC meeting and mid year meetings of the section in the period. He knows the work from inside a section and has experience with IFLA strategies and projects. Kent also has given papers and facilitated sessions at the IFLA WLIC's.

Kent wishes to give the public libraries a stronger voice - both in GB and IFLA in general, and will work to ensure that IFLA develops its involvement in the public libraries' function and mission as the public library as a space for free access to information, learning and cultural activities.

Kent has been a member of the Danish Library Association since college and has been a part of the Committee for International Affairs for years. His key areas of interests are promotion and development of public library services in general including the implementation of the new digital media and securing the free flow of information to and from libraries.

Besides the activities in the library organization, Kent is a member of the Regional Television Board of Funen (TV2 Fyn) and has served in the council for Short and Documentary films at The Danish Film Institute for years.

Kent is married with three children, and he lives in the heart of Odense on the idyllic island of Funen.

Kent Skov Andreasen

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