Governing Board Elections 2011-2013

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2011-2013

Ingrid Bon (Netherlands)

Ingrid BonConsultant library services for children and young adults and reading promotion
Biblioservice Gelderland
Arnhem, The Netherlands
Tel. +(31)(26)3860233

Serving on the IFLA Governing Board seems a logic step ahead: after a term as secretary and a term as chair of a section, I would like to contribute further, based on my professional and political experience. And, as the work within IFLA has taken my heart working on the goals of the organization is priority number one.

Based on the new strategy and structure of IFLA there is ample opportunity to relate professionalism and strategy , where the input of the experiences of (former) sections officers can add value. The activities undertaken by them need to be supported wherever possible, to raise worldwide standards and visibility of libraries. The work within the standing committees and sections itself is much more than dealing with the organization of the annual congress.

If we can make the work of new officers more transparent it could help a lot. The budget cuts (public) libraries are facing worldwide are not only a thread for the civilians/employees but also affect the sections, making it more difficult to find (new) volunteers for vacancies within the sections.

The website, and its role on knowledge sharing, is also a subject that needs close attention.
As a member of the Dutch network of public libraries (The Netherlands Public Library Association, the regional support library organizations and the public libraries) I know the value of strong library Associations. Therefore I would like to support IFLA's strategy in this with professional experience and follow the projects as well as possible.

The fact that I live and work in the Netherlands makes it pretty easy for me to attend the board meetings in April and December. As for the annual congress it is the same; no problem to attend the congress.

Ingrid Bon

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