Governing Board Elections 2011-2013

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2011-2013

Barbara Lison (Germany)

Barbara Lison

Director of Bremen Public Libraries
Bremen, Germany
Tel: (+49) 4213614046

In a modern, democratic civil society needs libraries and information services as basic organisations for the realisation of the human right of free access to information. IFLA, being the international voice for the library profession, therefore focuses their activities on democracy, freedom of access to information and cultural diversity. IFLA's success is based on the contributions from active members from all over the world.

My involvement with IFLA started in 2003 when I supported the German application for the IFLA-conference 2003 in Berlin and I worked as a volunteer on the spot. I have been active in the IFLA Section of Metropolitan Libraries (former INTAMEL). And I was a member of the German IFLA National Committee from 2006-2010. As president of the German umbrella organisation for libraries (BID) I was involved in the 3 IFLA-Presidential Meetings in Germany, of former IFLA-President Prof. Claudia Lux.

I am especially interested in library policy, advocacy and marketing. These are the focal points of my "political" activities. I believe in the success of networking and co-operation with partners from different branches as well as within the library field. Therefore I have a great experience of networking and partnering.

What you can expect from me, when I am elected:
For IFLA Governing Board, I would bring in my professional and political experience and expertise to strengthen the organisation in order to attain political and social acknowledgement of the libraries' importance for the future of the international knowledge society. Especially, I would support IFLA with my knowledge of advocacy building, dealing and networking in the political sphere and in promoting a modern image of libraries.

As member of IFLA governing board, I would bring in my energy and passion for the libraries and the profession.

Barbara Lison

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