Governing Board Elections 2011-2013

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2011-2013

Christine Mackenzie (Australia)

Christine MackenzieCEO, Yarra Plenty Regional Library
Bundoora, Victoria
Tel +61 3 9401 0710

What I believe in and my personal interests:

I believe that libraries are the cornerstone of civil society and provide citizens with the means to learn, explore, create and enjoy life.

I believe that librarianship is an international profession that embraces collaboration, sharing, learning and innovation. Librarians can make a difference to the lives of individuals, communities and societies. They have a role to play in all stages of life, encouraging literacy, promoting reading, providing information and building understanding by gathering, describing and sharing stories.

I am most interested in exploring the future of libraries in an online world, in what makes a library a library and what space we claim as our own in a post print age. I am interested in learning and sharing ideas and possibilities.

Why I am standing and what I will do if I am elected:

I see the opportunity to serve on the Governing Board as a chance to help create our future as librarians. I am very interested in all 5 of the key initiatives that are to be taken up this coming year:

  1. A program for the promotion of access to digital content for library users
  2. A program for IFLA International Librarianship Leadership development
  3. An outreach program of advocacy and development of the profession
  4. Stronger investment in cultural heritage disaster reconstruction
  5. Furthering the inclusion of multilingualism in the IFLA organisation

If I am elected my main focus will be on Item 1. The Governing Board of IFLA has a powerful role in advocacy and we must use this to find ways to ensure that digital content is available in the same way that libraries have made print content available freely and without restriction.

Our profession is going to have to work hard to ensure that people still have free and unfettered access to information.

We must ensure we are heard by publishers and that the long public library tradition of sharing community assets is continued in the digital age.

Christine Mackenzie

Last update: 5 October 2012