Governing Board Elections 2011-2013

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2011-2013

Paul Whitney (Canada)

2nd term

Paul WhitneyConsultant
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel. +(1)(604)2280272

I have been honoured to serve on the Governing Board for the past two years and I am seeking support for an additional two year term.

I retired from my position as City Librarian at Vancouver Public Library at the end of 2010 and I am now a consultant, speaker and volunteer on library and public policy issues including access to content for the print disabled and copyright. I am currently working for the Canada Council on a research study on e-books and public lending right.

The past two years have brought what seems like unprecedented seismic, political, economic and technological upheaval whether in (most recently and with catastrophic effect) Japan, Haiti, Greece, Egypt, Christchurch or on the Internet. These upheavals have sometimes devastating outcomes for libraries of all kinds. IFLA is the organization which facilitates international library collaboration and effort in good and in the challenging times many of our members are currently facing. Despite the economic strain many of our governments and institutions are experiencing, this role must continue. The continued implementation of new practices to enable efficient and affordable member engagement with IFLA is crucial in achieving this outcome.

IFLA's advocacy for core library values through CLM and FAIFE is more important now than ever and it is essential that this important work continues and is enhanced. The decision by WIPO's Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights to debate international limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives is an important victory for our sector and has the potential to pay significant benefits for libraries, especially those in under developed and developing countries. The work of IFLA staff and CLM bolstered by dedicated volunteer effort has contributed to this victory. The escalating tensions surrounding the role of libraries in the dissemination of digital content requires a strong credible voice speaking on our behalf in a variety of international forums. IFLA is this voice and its voice is being heard. I am committed to ensuring this continues to be the case under the leadership of incoming President Ingrid Parent.

Paul Whitney

Last update: 5 October 2012