Governing Board Elections 2013-2015

Statement of Candidacy

For the position of Governing Board Member 2013-2015

Gloria Pérez-Salmerón (Spain)

Gloria Pérez-Salmerón

Past Director,  Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE)
Paseo De Recoletos 20-22

With my professional background – having worked for many years in public libraries, as President of the Spanish Federation of Library Association and the last three years as Director of the Spanish National Library – I am standing for close cooperation between all types of library. As this – I am sure - will be necessary to reach our goals.

In a period of global communication, where information can be provided in a wide variety of media and smart devices, libraries have an important role to play in developing the skills of users and upholding the right of access to information. Only through an effective network and partnership across all types of libraries will we be able to fulfil our mission. I will bring in my working experience to promote access to knowledge through a network of all libraries worldwide.

IFLA´s mission is clear and ambitious. Empowering libraries to enable their user communities to have equitable access to information. But at the same time the position of libraries is challenged with budget cuts, commercial competitors in the developing eBook market and an out-dated copyright framework, which is hindering libraries in their work.

Only with improved advocacy and lobbing will we achieve universal access via libraries within a balanced information economy. I stand for this and have worked for this. I will continue to do so with all my energy.

We have to reinforce the role of the national and local associations worldwide, supporting the professional leadership of librarians and developing the special skills needed to manage the new social media frameworks needs that proliferate within an information and communication Society.

Only with joint forces of all libraries, intelligent concepts and worldwide cooperation will we reach our goals. For this I want to work in IFLA GB during the next years together with you.

Gloria Pérez-Salmerón


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