Presidential Elections 2009-2011

Statement of Candidacy for IFLA President-Elect

To serve as President 2011-2013

Ingrid Parent (Canada)

Ingrid Parent

Assistant Deputy Minister, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector
Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
OTTAWA, Ontario K1A ON4
Tel. +(1)(613)9345789
Fax +(1)(613)9344422

Theme: Convergence: ensuring access and diversity for a shared future

Libraries are key to ensuring the development of a knowledge society that respects the right of every citizen to have access to the information resources they need for their study and enjoyment. But libraries will face many challenges over the next few years because of economic, social and technical changes. IFLA must play an increasing leadership role in supporting libraries at the international, national and local levels to meet their challenges.

My vision is a strong, confident and visible IFLA that will act globally in order to strengthen libraries locally. It will focus on convergence to ensure access and diversity, and building alliances with partners and funding agencies. My priorities include:

  • Building strategic partnerships with stakeholders in the information world;
  • Providing leadership and advocating for libraries and library associations to improve access to information, leveraging the opportunities provided by digital technologies;
  • Promoting multicultural, multilingual and indigenous approaches to information access and delivery; the more voices there are from all areas of the world the stronger IFLA will be;
  • And, recognizing that members are key to IFLA’s success, working to ensure an inclusive IFLA that responds to members’ needs in developed and developing countries with relevant programs and activities. Through IFLA, libraries can connect with and learn from each other.

Together we will continue the transformation of IFLA into a global organization that leads, advocates for and supports libraries around the world to provide innovative and sustainable services to all people.

I would be honoured to serve as IFLA president-elect, and I wish to thank those members who nominated me.

Further information about my vision for IFLA is on my website at I encourage you to post comments and questions to this site.

Last update: 5 October 2012