The IFLA Governing Board bestows Honours and Awards to recognise individuals contributing to IFLA and the international library and information services sector. IFLA offers the following awards:

The Honorary Fellow and IFLA Medal are peer nominated.

The IFLA Certificate of Appreciation is awarded each year by the IFLA Governing Board to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) National Committee for that year.

The IFLA Scroll of Appreciation is peer nominated.


Nominees for peer-nominated awards should not be advised that they are being nominated for an award.

All authorised representatives of Members and Personal Affiliates are eligible to make nominations for Honorary Fellow and the IFLA Medal and along with members of Section Standing Committees may make nominations for the Scroll of Appreciation.

Nominations must be received by the date specified in a Call for Nominations. Late submissions shall not be considered.

Nominations must include evidence including the service and contributions of the nominee in support of the specified criteria.

The Executive Committee of the Governing Board shall consider all nominations in committee and in confidence. The Executive Committee may decide whether voting on an award is by show of hands or secret ballot.

In making its decision, only the evidence provided by the nominators and the referee reports submitted with the nomination will be considered.

Current members of the Governing Board are not eligible for nomination for any award.

Details of successful nominations only shall be published. The Executive Committee and the Secretary General shall not enter into correspondence on individual nominations.

Wherever possible, honours and awards shall be announced and conferred at the annual General Assembly.

New Honours or Awards

The IFLA Governing Board may consider establishing new Honours or Awards to be conferred by IFLA, or jointly by IFLA.

In establishing the need, scope and criteria for a new Honour or Award the Governing Board will take into consideration:

  • IFLA’s values;
  • the existing Honours and Awards structure;
  • the perpetuity of the proposed honour or award;
  • the benefits of the honour or award to IFLA and international librarianship, and including for joint honours or awards the benefits of such a partnership for IFLA;
  • the benefits of the honour or award to recipients.

Proposals for new honours or awards must be submitted to the Secretary General for referral to the Governing Board.

Endorsed by IFLA Governing Board, April 2009
Revised by IFLA Governing Board, December 2010

Revised by IFLA Governing Board January 2021

See also: Guidelines for Proposing or Sponsoring IFLA Professional Awards