Before you use the IFLA logo in any way, make sure you have read our Guidelines on IFLA Branding and abide by them.

Please note the proper use of the IFLA Logo

  • The files below are meant to be used on web pages or in other digital documents, and in the provided sizes (dimensions) or smaller while keeping the current width-to-height ratio. That ratio, or any other aspect, may not be changed.
  • The default and preferred images to use are the green ones. In a non-coloured document or page, the black images may be used. For any other colours or alterations, you must ask IFLA for permission.

If you need a larger and/or higher resolution version of the provided images, or an EPS version, please contact [email protected].

If you want to be sure you are always using the correct IFLA logo on your web page, you can use the permanent URL.


IFLA logo

Logo black

IFLA logo

Logo with full IFLA name

IFLA logo with text

Logo with full IFLA name black

IFLA logo with text (black)