Rossana Morriello

Research Support Librarian, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy


Il paradigma della biblioteca sostenibile

A cura di Giovanni Di Domenico, con Anna Bilotta, Concetta Damiani, Rosa Parlavecchia.

Milano : Ledizioni, 2021

ISBN 9788855265768

The book, published in October 2021, was edited by Giovanni Di Domenico, professor of Library science at the University of Salerno, together with some collaborators. It is a collection of essays mainly in Italian, except for one written in Spanish by Margarita Pérez Pulido, professor at the University of Extremadura, which cover many of the aspects related to the paradigm of the sustainable library, referred to in the title of the book. The work starts with some introductive chapters presenting a review of the state of the art and recalling the professional and scientific literature in Italy. Then a chapter by Chiara Faggiolani comments on the results of an extremely interesting survey on library users conducted recently in Italy by a network of public libraries, in collaboration with the Italian Library Association and Sapienza University of Rome. Other chapters deal with crucial topics for the sustainable library like open access, organization and management, preservation, digital culture, evaluation, as well as perspectives from specific kinds of institutions like academic libraries and archives. This publication is a further important step in the reflection about libraries and sustainability, which in Italy has been growing significantly over the past three years.

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