Law Libraries Section

Division: Library Types

This Section aims at bringing together representatives of different types of law libraries: court libraries, corporate law libraries, law school libraries etc. 

Mission statement

As an international policy forum for all law librarians, the Section on Law Libraries:

  • promotes understanding and cooperation among law libraries, and increases awareness of the value and importance of law libraries to the world;
  • encourages growth in the development of new law libraries, with a particular focus on emerging nations;
  • fosters the profession of law librarianship and legal research competencies worldwide;
  • develops professional standards and practices;
  • and provides leadership in the field of legal information policy, recognizing that equitable and permanent public access to authentic legal information is a necessary requirement for a just and democratic society worldwide.

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Last update: 13 April 2017

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3 April 2017

Access to Public Legal Information at Risk without Government Action: New IFLA Statement

Access to public legal information is essential if citizens are to understand, engage in, and influence how the decisions that affect them are made. With governments increasingly moving to digital-only provision of laws, regulations and standards, making sure that these are free, trustworthy, and preserved for the future is vital. A new IFLA Statement makes recommendations to this end.

14 December 2016