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UPDATE! The Standing Committee of this Section has decided to retire its mailing list. Subscribers have been notified.

LTR-L: Library Theory and Research Mailing List supports the LTR Section in its concerns with the continuing development of library and information science through theoretical and applied research; promotes the importance of investigation and research activities within IFLA's programme; upholds scientific integrity in research and development activities; supports the design and investigation of research projects and the reporting and publication of research results within the library and information science/studies; and encourages the broadest participation of academics and practitioners in our meetings.

This list is open only to the subscribers that are given access based on their interest in IFLA/LTR and its scope on library, information, and knowledge initiatives in order to promote the exchange of information and knowledge in the field of library theory and research.

Library Theory and Research

Last update: 2 April 2014