Participating in IFLA

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IFLA has several working groups that enable you as an IFLA member to become active at an international level. These working groups act as a platform to share and learn from from the experiences of others, as well as to internationally promote the work of you as an individual or that of your institution/association.

Under its five main Divisions, IFLA has over 50 Sections and Special Interest Groups on specific library topics. Find out which groups suit you best.

Additional Sections

Members can join as many sections as they want, even beyond the number of Sections allocated to their category. Additional section registration is possible at extra cost.

Members from the Africa, Asia & Oceania, or Latin America & the Caribbean region are also automatically registered for the corresponding IFLA Regional Section. New association members are also automatically registered for the Management of Library Associations Section.

Members, Membership

Last update: 11 January 2019