Membership Incentive for Association Affiliates

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To make IFLA membership more accessible for associations in emerging economies, IFLA has introduced the new membership category of (National) Association Affiliate.

The category of Association Affiliate is open for Library Associations who have not been an IFLA member in the last three years, and who work with operating expenses lower than Band 12 level (less than EUR 10,000) for National Associations. The fee for this category is EUR 69 per year.

Association Affiliates will have free membership registration with the Management of Library Associations Section and—where applicable—with the appropriate Regional Activities Section (Africa, Asia & Oceania, or Latin America & the Caribbean). Association Affiliates will have no voting rights. Association Affiliates will have all other member services and entitlements that are applicable to Affiliation membership. Membership as an Association Affiliate is possible for up to three consecutive years, after which the membership will be upgraded to the appropriate Band, with the corresponding costs and benefits.

Please contact the Membership Officer at IFLA Headquarters if you have any further questions.

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Last update: 31 March 2016