5 June 2009


2008 Professional Committee projects overview now available


Projects financed by IFLA ’s Professional Committee (PC) in 2008

The Caterpillar Bookbox in Koekenaap, South Africa

Caterpillar Bookbox in Koekenaap, S. Africa

Each year, the IFLA Professional Committee approves the funding of a number of projects proposed by the IFLA professional units. The projects refer to one or more of the IFLA Professional Priorities as drawn up by the PC in 2001:

Supporting the Role of Libraries in Society, Defending the Principle of Freedom of Information, Promoting Literacy, Reading, and Lifelong Learning, Providing Unrestricted Access to Information, Balancing the Intellectual Property Rights of Authors with the Needs of Users, Promoting Resource Sharing, Preserving Our Intellectual Heritage, Developing Library Professionals, Promoting Standards, Guidelines, and Best Practices, Supporting the Infrastructure of Library Associations, Representing Libraries in the Technological Marketplace.

Overview of the PC projects 2008

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