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18 August 2018 | IFLA WLIC 2018, agendas

IFLA LRM is the subject of this year's Lectio magistralis at Florence University

Pat Riva was invited to deliver the Lectio magistralis in Library Science at the University of Florence on March 6th, 2018. She spoke about IFLA's new standard, the IFLA Library Reference Model.

9 March 2018 | Bibliographic Conceptual Models (BCM)

Cataloguing Section events @ WLIC2017

All cataloguing related meetings @ WLIC 2017!

17 August 2017 | Cataloguing

FRSAD in Arabic now available

Translation of Functional Requirements of Subject Authority Data (FRSAD) – A Conceptual Model by Fatema Mamdouh Zakzouk (Cairo University).

21 March 2017

FRBRoo as IFLA standard

FRBRoo is a conceptual model for bibliographic information in object-oriented formalism. Version 2.4 is now an IFLA standard.

18 March 2017 | Cataloguing

Cataloguing Section's Meetings and Programmes @ WLIC2016

Let's come to IFLA CAT(aloguing) S(ection), ISBD Review Group, FRBR Review Group, ISBD Linked Data Study Group, and PRESSoo Review Group meetings and CATS open programme! Observers are welcome!

7 August 2016 | Cataloguing, Cataloguing

Call for papers: Cataloguing & IT Sections Open programme @ WLIC 2016 in Columbus (OH)

Theme: "Let´s make IT usable! Formats, systems and users"

20 January 2016

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