IFLA Leaders at WLIC 2016

From presidents of library associations to copyright activists, from public and university libraries, the nine associates of IFLA’s International Leaders Programme have spent the last week gaining insight into the activities and workings of IFLA. The first phase of the programme uses the intensity of the World Library and Information Congress to launch the associates into the international library sphere.

Attending seminars, sessions, and meetings of key IFLA committees has provided the associates with knowledge of the structures and the breadth of individual expertise that IFLA utilises to address issues impacting the library and information sector. Each Associate chose to focus on an area of interest or engagement covering topics such as libraries as agents for development; sustainable access to digital content; and public access to the internet. Meeting those who are contributing to work in these areas has helped to build the network of each Associate.

IFLA’s International Leaders Programme aims to develop individuals around the world whose leadership and expertise can be called on to represent the wider library sector at a national, regional and international level. From Latvia to Senegal and the Philippines to the USA, all of IFLA’s regions are represented in the current cohort. Over the next two years, the four men and five women will become more deeply involved in their topic areas and experience opportunities to learn the skills necessary to engage on behalf of IFLA in activities and meetings at all levels.

Their journey has started in Columbus. Look for them over the next two years as they build their capacity to lead, motivate and advocate for the library field.