You are invited to attend Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) session in Columbus.

Date: Monday 15 August

Time: 16:00 – 18.00

Room: Union Station Ballrooms A/B/C

Session 111, Answering the Call to Action – Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) will be chaired by IFLA Governing Board Member and ALP chair Loida Garcia-Febo. Invited speaker for the session is Minerva Novero from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear directly from the United Nations, IFLA and countries around the world working to achieve the UN 2030 Agenda, and the results of Building Strong Library Associations projects held at the regional level since 2013. Insights into how to get involved in ALP and IFLA programmes will be shared together with an opportunity to ask questions of programme participants and IFLA staff. Presentations will be made in English, Spanish and Arabic with simultaneous interpretation (SI).

The detailed programme is as follows:

UN 2030 Agenda

  •         Implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda at national level:            

    1.        UN Agenda 2030: Answering the Call to Action in Ghana            
    2.         El derecho a la alimentación es un derecho humano universal. Los bibliotecarios colaborando en la implementación del SDG2 en Uruguay            
    3.         La Asociación Cubana de Bibliotecarios, la abogacía y la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la ONU            
    4.         Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through the activities of the Sri Lanka Library Association            

ALP programmes and projects

  •         ALP’s 2015-16 Activities            
  •         How you can take action: ALP strategy and programmes            
  •         Outcomes of a selection of Building Strong Library Associations activities:            

    1.         BSLA Peru: Toward regional libraries in Peru to promote territory with UN SDGs            
    2.         The Library and Information Association in Qatar (LIA-Q): Roles, Challenges and Future Aspirations            
    3.         Pre-CONSAL Convening on ASEAN Integration: Cross Border Mobility of Librarians            
    4.         The experience with multilingual workshop, for Latin American and Caribbean region