Steve Witt​​Steve Witt has been appointed as the new Editor of IFLA Journal, and will take over editorial responsibilities from Stephen Parker from Volume 41, Issue 1. Steve brings to this role experience in editing an open access journal, extensive experience as an author, reviewer of scholarly publications, and a strong international network. Steve’s experience in editing, writing, and his vision for the future of the journal will be great assets to the IFLA Journal.

The current Editor, Stephen Parker, will retire in December 2014 after many years of dedicated service to the Journal. IFLA and the IFLA Journal Editorial Committee thank Stephen for his service and commitment.

IFLA Journal

Steve Witt will work closely with the IFLA Journal Editorial Committee and the Professional Committee to provide leadership on the Journal’s purpose and standing, liaise with the IFLA Journal Editorial Committee, the IFLA Professional Committee and the IFLA Governing Board representative on the content of issues to ensure these are in line with IFLA’s strategic direction for publishing, and to commission articles.

About IFLA Journal

The IFLA Journal is an international journal, publishing peer reviewed articles on library and information services and the social, political and economic issues that impact on access to information through libraries. The Journal publishes research, case studies and essays that reflect the broad spectrum of the profession internationally. The IFLA Journal is published four times per year by SAGE publications.