Associations Member meeting

In the last year, IFLA’s Association Members led the action in over seventy countries, advocating for the role of libraries in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). National associations are conducting awareness raising in many forms, face to face and via communication campaigns to ensure that all librarians can speak to funders and governments at all levels and tell the story of their impact on society.

IFLA’s Global Vision discussion invited associations to be at the forefront of holding conversations in their country on how a united library field can tackle the challenges of the future.

While the library profession shares many core values and ideas, IFLA wants to hear all voices. Country reports from associations will make certain that a variety of perspectives representing all parts of the world are included in the final report.

At the Association Members meeting on 21 August, participants heard of new activities including the just launched IFLA Library Map of the World. Including country level data and best practice SDG stories, this site will grow to be an advocacy tool for all users. During interactive sessions, participants contributed ideas for improving IFLA’s communication with associations and provided input into new elements for the Library Map of the World. As IFLA aims to increase the number of countries participating in its activities, associations play a key role linking IFLA with their membership.