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El Salvadoran Library Association to create new image for Salvador library community

On 27-29 November 2014, the Salvadoran Library Association (ABES) held its BSLA workshop “Revitalizing ABES”. The main objective of the workshop was to create a new image for Salvador library community, raise awareness among members of ABES about the importance of belonging to an association and establish measures which will enable long term sustainability for ABES. Prior to the workshop the Committee on Revitalizing ABES met to approve and put together all actions that would be performed during the 2 day workshop. Participants at the workshop received trainings in leadership, empowerment, advocacy, strategic planning and benchmarking; all aimed at strengthening the National Library Association.

The Workshop

Twenty key library professionals that will drive the new image among the Salvadoran library community attended the workshop. Alicia Ocaso, who facilitated the meetings, were joined by the Committee on Revitalizing ABES and the project coordinators as they worked diligently with the participant’s to ensure the goals and objectives of the workshop were realized.  To guarantee the success of the workshop BSLA Training Modules were used during exercises.

Day 1

Day 1 of the workshop focused on library associations within societies and contextual factors, participants addressed strategies for developing and building strong and professional associations.

Day 2

Using the BSLA Training Modules, participants exchanged ideas within working groups identifying keys strategies for revitalizing the association.

Moving Forward

The BSLA project will remain ongoing with the support of all members to reach action plans for 2015 and 2016. Committee members have agreed to meet 3 times a year in July, September and November to discuss strategies moving forward. The working groups will also meet three times per year in June, August and October.  All members, participants and coordinators have pledged to submit outcome reports to ABES Governing Board and BSLA coordinators on these meetings.