As part of the IFLA Building Strong Library Associations programme (BSLA), the Association of Librarians, Archivist, Documentalists and Museum Curators of Cameroon (ABADCAM) organized a three day workshop from 2 – 4 December 2015 for leaders of library associations from across Francophone Africa.

Regional workshop ABADCAM

The workshop

The workshop addressed challenges specific to the development of the library profession in French-speaking countries; cross-border collaboration between library associations, policy developments affecting library services and management and leadership challenges affecting library associations. Countries represented included Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Benin, Chad, Congo and Gabon.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Rosemary Shafack Chair of IFLA Africa Section, Dr Bernard Dione, Director of Studies at the School of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists in Dakar (EBAD), ALIM Garga ABADCAM President, Michel Guechoun, Secretary General of ABADCAM and Part-time lecturer at the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC).

Participant ABADCAM


The main objectives of the workshop were;

  • To bring different leaders of Library Associations together to share their skills and expertise to strengthen their associations and create new ones where necessary
  • To provide training that will transform the way libraries contribute to their communities and engage in national legislative and policy discussions that influence libraries, building awareness and raising the visibility of libraries in their communities.

Library professionals attending the workshop were selected from countries where library associations do not exist. Using the BSLA training modules, participants received training on how to structure, raise funds, recruit and sustain memberships and manage associations.

BSLA modules used during the workshop

  • Module 1 : Librarians Association in society overview
  • Module 2 : Building our library association
  • Module 3 : Ensuring the sustainability of Associations
  • Module 4: Developing strategic partnership and fundraising

Moving forward

A second training session is scheduled for May 2016 to continue discussions on building stronger library associations in French speaking countries

For more information about the BSLA programme and the modules used during the ABADCAM regional workshop, visit the IFLA webpage Building Strong Library Associations.