8 January 2013

Call for papers - open session - Singapore 2013

The IFLA Library Theory and Research Section is pleased to invite submissions for its forthcoming Open session in Singapore. 

Diversity in libraries: research reflecting theoretical approaches and practical experimentation

The theme of the IFLA 2013 "Future libraries: infinite possibilities" is intended to inspire research on diversity in libraries. The LTR program will examine the theoretical framework necessary for effective research to support diversity in future library services to diverse groups of users. In a time when there is the potential to explore infinite possibilities of ways of opening minds to new alternatives, opening doors to new opportunities, opening borders to collaboration, and the gathering of data to provide new knowledge, it is especially important to promote research that can differentiate between what may be just old research questions and what are the most pressing research questions for the future of libraries as related to issues of diversity in both theoretical and practical experiences. Singapore provides a very multicultural context and thus the perfect place for exchanging and sharing ideas on diversity in library services. Papers exploring research on diversity of ethnicity, language, culture, ways of living and thinking (including gender and sexual orientation issues) are invited. Indeed, the topic of diversity is intended to cover sociological, professional, educational, philosophical, historical and political issues, all of which have the potential to contribute to the infinite possibilities of future library services.

The full call for papers is available on the IFLA WLIC 2013 Singapore website.


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