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Call Extended to 5 September 2016

IFLA and De Gruyter are seeking Expressions of Interest for the position of Series Editor for the IFLA Publication Series (often known as the ‘Green Backs’).

The book series addresses ways in which libraries, information centres, and information professionals worldwide can formulate their goals, exert their influence as a group, protect their interests, and find solutions to global problems.

The Series Editor is responsible for identifying topics and issues of significance to the profession and for the commissioning of editors and authors to produce works for publication by De Gruyter, IFLA’s publishing partner.

IFLA aims to publish a minimum of three titles per year. This is a part-time position and De Gruyter provides a small stipendium.

De Gruyter will also appoint a copy editor to copy-edit, submit the manuscripts to the Publisher and accompany the production process.


  • Identify topics of interest to the library profession
  • Work with Chairs of IFLA Section Committees to select suitable Editors from IFLA’s member expertise
  • Oversee the production process from commissioning to publication
  • Assist Editors with the operational aspects of commissioning, applications, forms, organisation and deadlines
  • Provide advice to Editors and Authors to ensure consistent presentation in areas such as style guidelines, syntax, terminology, referencing and quality of graphics
  • Liaise with De Gruyter’s copy editor regarding the typesetting and final formatting of works in the series


  • Communication skills

    • Possess excellent interpersonal and responsive, accurate written communication skills. As the series is primarily published in English, a native level of English is preferred;
  • Understanding of issues

    • Excellent understanding of the major issues and hot topics influencing library services and practice in the global environment;
  • High Standing

    • High standing in the Library and Information Science field as a practitioner or researcher;
  • Research and Writing Skills

    • Excellent research and professional writing skills and expertise, and the ability to critique research writing;
  • Scholarly Publishing

    • Strong understanding of scholarly publishing;
  • Vision for Future

    • Vision for the future of the series and to increase its standing in the field;
  • Experience

    • Experience as a published editor or author in the Library and Information Science field.

An Expression of Interest presenting your experience and addressing each of the areas outlined under the heading Skills should be sent by 5 September 2016 to Claudia Heyer, email: [email protected]