The 1° Meeting of Parliamentary Libraries of the Argentine Republic was held at the Library of the National Congress of Argentina. This meeting was organized by the BCN together with the Civil Association of Law Librarians (ACBJ).

Maria Eugenia Naiaretti (President of ACBJ) said that: "The objective is to strengthen inter-institutional relations between the parliamentary libraries of the country, to relaunch the Federal Network of Parliamentary Libraries (REFBIPAR) and to inform about the structure of the Network of Libraries and Parliamentary Information Services of Latin America, which kicked off with the Valparaíso Declaration and which was formed last November at the meeting held in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico."

"This declaration tends to create the Network of Parliamentary Libraries of Latin America and the Caribbean, having the same concept and the same foundational line as REFBIPAR, regarding the continuous contribution of improving the quality of life to the inhabitants of Latin America by improving their laws", Alejandro Santa said, Director of General Coordination of the Library of the National Congress.