1 March 2011


IFLA ALP 2011 Projects Announced

Four small projects from across IFLA ALP's focal areas will be carried out in 2011. The IFLA ALP committee selected the projects at its December 2010 meeting. The selected projects are: 

  • Asia and Oceania: Workshop on Health Information Literacy”, East West University, Bangladesh
  • Latin America and Caribbean: Workshop on Internet Manifesto, National Association of Librarians of Uruguay, Uruguay 
  • Africa: Seminar on Capacity Building, Interventions on the Millennium Development goals (MDGs) for Francophone Africa, Africa Regional Office, Cameroon
  • Emerging and Developing: Leadership for municipal public libraries: training of 12 trainers who will deliver a cascade training throughout the country, Bulgarian Library and Information Association, Bulgaria 

There is one project from each of IFLA's regions, and one from emerging and developing countries. Reports and news will be added to the IFLA web site for each project during 2011.

ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme)

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