Librarians all over the world are well aware of their profession’s ethical implications. In more than 60 countries library associations have developed and approved a national code of ethics for librarians. FAIFE has collected nearly 40 of them and makes them available in the list "Professional Codes of Ethics for Librarians".

Related professions like archivists and museum professionals do have international codes of ethics. For many years ICA (International Council of Archives) and ICOM (International Council of Museums) have developed, endorsed, and maintained their international codes of ethics for archives and museums respectively, while IFLA and librarians still do not have a similar document.

Although both international Codes of Ethics have a different function, as well as a different status, for ICA and ICOM it appears that they have proved their worth in each community.

This was one of the reasons why FAIFE took the decision to task a working group with drafting such an International or IFLA-Code of Ethics for Librarians. The working group consists of 5 members from 5 countries who are members or former members of the FAIFE committee (Loida Garcia-Febo, Anne Hustad, Hermann Rosch, Paul Sturges and Amelie Vallotton). In addition, outside experts have been included in the discussions. Now the group is able to present a first draft which still has to be revised. But it is time now to start an open discussion.

Please give your comments and feedback at the latest by February 29, 2012 to:
[email protected]