IFLA is participating in the SDG Book Club, an initiative launched by the United Nations alongside organisations representing publishers, booksellers and books for youth. Through this, we hope to help more young people engage with the Global Goals, especially in libraries.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for organising action at the global level to improve people’s lives. Yet to be effective, it is important to bring global goals to the national and local level.

IFLA itself has worked intensively to do this within the library field. The International Advocacy Programme has engaged librarians in almost two thirds of countries around the world.

Through hundreds of events, training sessions and meetings, IFLA has raised awareness of the SDGs, and the importance of information in achieving them.

The SDG Book Club offers a further means of achieving this goal.  It is the result of cooperation between United Nations, IFLA, and the International Publishers Association, the International Board on Books for Youth, the European and International Booksellers’ Federation and the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair.

IFLA Secretary-General Gerald Leitner said: Achieving the Global Goals will need action from everyone. The SDG Book Club offers a great way to introduce today’s young people to the key issues of our time, to mobilise them, and to and prepare them to be the doers and leaders of tomorrow. I am proud that libraries are helping give access to this key information, and to inspire new generations.

By defining a selection of books for young people in all official United Nations languages, it will provide a way for tomorrow’s decision-makers to engage with the issues the SDGs raise.

Crucially, the selection is not an exhaustive list, but only a starting point. The goal is to encourage discussion about the SDGs in libraries and other settings around the world. We look forward to launching the first selection next month.

You can find out more on the SDG Book Club website, and read the press release.