Today, elections open for key posts across IFLA. Following a great response to our call for nominations, there is a strong set of candidates committed to the future of our Federation and ready to take IFLA’s work forwards. 

The candidates nominated come from all library types and all parts of the world, representing the full diversity of our profession, and demonstrating the wealth of energy and talent that it offers. 

IFLA relies on enthusiastic, energetic and committed people to work with us for the benefit of the global library field. It is up to you to decide who will lead our work in the coming years. 

In line with IFLA’s broader commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we encourage our members, when making their choices, to elect committees that represent the full richness of the experience of our field. It is only by bringing together a wide variety of perspectives that we can realise our potential as a global organisation, fit to solve global challenges. 

What happens now

Those eligible to vote will receive an email asking them to make their choice. Posts covered include our President-elect, Treasurer, Governing Board Member-at-Large, and Chair of the Regional Council. Members registered to Regional Division Committees and Professional Sections where there are elections will also have the opportunity to have their say. Look out for additional video presentations from the candidates for President-elect, Treasurer, and Governing Board Member at large that we will be publishing later this week 

Individual candidate profiles can be viewed on the Elections platform. Eligible voters have until 12 April 2023, at 17:00 CEST, to cast their votes. 

Keep an eye on the news from IFLA Elections 2023 website, our social media channels, and in your email for further information and updates. And, crucially, use your ability to shape the future of our organisation! 

Helen Mandl
IFLA Acting Secretary General