IFLA Library downloads: 2013-2016

Over 550,000 downloads to date!

The IFLA Library pulls together IFLA's digital resources in a convenient single online location for ease of accessibility, search, browsing and preservation.  Since 2013, all submitted IFLA WLIC papers have been stored, indexed, and made freely available in our institutional repository, the IFLA Library.

Posters Now Available

To date, the library has collected over 1200 items–primarily conference papers–and logged over 550,000 individual downloads. Starting with this past year's conference in Columbus, posters presented at IFLA WLICs are also being added to the library; over 50 are now available for download.

Use the Browse by Activity/Group to locate all IFLA Unit submitted papers and translations or try the Browse by IFLA Annual Congress to view papers in chronologic order.

Statistics show impressive usage in 2015/2016:

  • 228 papers for the WLIC 2015 were added along with 46 translations, bringing the total number of items in the library by the end of 2015 to 989 items
  • 188 papers for the WLIC 2016 were added along with 21 translations, bringing the total number of items in the library by the for 2016 to 1224 items (including posters)
  • Peak downloads:

    • 21,415 (August 2015)
    • 27,093 (August 2016)
  • The most downloaded paper in 2015 was downloaded 3,867 times
  • The most downloaded paper in 2016 was downloaded 5,241 times
  • 139,537 searches were directed in from Google (our top referrer)


A full range of statistics on the repository's use is also available.