IFLA MLAS activities are aligned with efforts by the United Nations: the High Level Political Forum 2024 and the Summit of the Future 2024. This one-pager is a living document that will be updated as MLAS continues work throughout the year. The document can be used by library associations and libraries to build their own advocacy one-pager.

Libraries in collaboration with library associations are developing cross-regional, multilateral partnerships in times of multiple crises with a renewed commitment for information integrity, access to information in unprecedented times, and sustainability. Libraries are collaborating in partnerships to future-proof for global challenges through strategizing and innovating. Libraries are essential to development. Leveraging library’s resources is crucial to ensure a whole of a society approach including access to information – which is a cross cutting aspect of all the Sustainable Development Goals- to ensure countries’ delivery of sustainable, resilient and innovative solutions to end poverty, end hunger, climate change action, promote peaceful and inclusive societies, and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

Based on MLAS webinar series from recent years and events under the MLAS Building Strong Library Associations Initiative, libraries and library associations from around the world are partnering with different organizations to help farmers in the Middle East to keep their crops safe, and to help communities utilize solar energy to power buildings impacted by power outages due to conflict in the region. Libraries are partnering in the Pacific Islands to bring bookmobiles with WIFI and computers for people impacted by hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes to be able to write their resumes and email them to places to find jobs after devastating natural disasters. Libraries in Ukraine are providing space  for communities to come together and obtain services they desperately need such as doctors, medicines, clothing and access to the Internet. These are only some examples of the sustained ways in which MLAS and library associations are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and goals/issues highlighted by the upcoming High Level Political Forum 2024 and the Summit of the Future 2024

The document includes:

  • MLAS priority areas and themes of recent work
  • MLAS activities and how these align with the upcoming UN High Level Political Forum and the Summit of the Future

Each column about these two events highlights the goals of the events with which MLAS activities align.

The document is framed and stated using wording and terms utilized by the UN in the zero drafts of each event, and other documentation pertaining to both events: HLPF and the Summit.


To show the impact of MLAS (and library associations) and how these are aligned with the UN.

IFLA MLAS events, webinars, resources are tangible, but our work is also somewhat aspirational as we hope to motivate and encourage library associations worldwide with our activities and the resulting recordings and publications. All of those different ways in fact should help build strong library associations and should help us to future-proof for global challenges.

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