Libraries, Development and the UN2030 Agenda

IFLA is there to strengthen its members. It works to improve the service libraries provide to their communities, and to give them a clearer public voice. The International Advocacy Programme (IAP) brings this work together. By helping libraries explain the contribution they make to their communities, it helps them convince decision-makers – the ones who determine policies and budgets, laws and regulations – that libraries are essential partners for development. 

The United Nations 2030 Agenda, setting out an ambitious range of targets for governments, has provided an opportunity to focus the IAP. It has provided a structure for showing how libraries help deliver policy goals, from fighting poverty to delivering justice, from promoting innovation to tackling gender inequality. 

With the 2030 Agenda at its heart, the IAP programme has gone from strength to strength, with six regional workshops, over 150 participants, and now representatives from 74 countries committed both to raising awareness of the Agenda 2030 as to get involved in their National Development Plans. Engaged librarians around the world are holding seminars, producing communications material, and meeting with officials, mayors and ministers. See our latest update for more.

We were proud to announce that the first ten recipients of our IAP project funding are already working to deliver their plans. These projects will see libraries around the world come together to meet the objectives of the IAP. And we are excited that a second call for proposals will be published on 31 August 2017. We are also looking forwards to our Global Convening (16-17 January 2018), which will be a celebration of the excellent work done, and a discussion on how IFLA can go further still in advocating for libraries.  

Do you have an idea for IAP project funding?  Look out for our next call for proposals and get involved!