Read the latest issue of the IFLA Standards Newsletter, volume 2, issue 1 (June 2024) for the latest on IFLA standards developments.

This issue includes:

  • a feature interview with Ana Vukadin, an editor of the Universal Decimal Classification
  • an article on UNIMARC for Entity-Relationship Cataloguing, by Florence Tfibel
  • all the background on LIDATEC’s transformation into METATEC and it growing role in publishing metadata standards, by its chair Joseph Hafner
  • an update on recently endorsed standard LRMoo, by Pat Riva
  • guidelines approved for development and revision from ENSULIB, CPDWL, and MCULTP
  • a reminder to participate in the world-wide review of ISBDM, open until 15 July
  • Upcoming events:
    • MexInfo: the Mexican Global Information Forum, 6-8 August
    • Audiovisual and Multimedia Section in-person Mid-Year Meeting and Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia 17-19 September
    • 6th UNIMARC User’s Meeting, Maribor, Slovenia, 12 November
  • as well as a welcome from Victoria Owen, the chair of the Advisory Committee on Standards