Faced with global challenges, the need to promote cooperation and collaboration amongst those looking for solutions is vital. Open science promotes just this. With UNESCO preparing a draft Recommendation on the subject, IFLA has submitted comments.

Although UNESCO’s work on Open Science dates from 2019, it has taken on a new relevance and urgency now.

Scientists and researchers have had to work closely together to understand the virus, and develop treatments and cures at records speeds. At the same time, the wider science and research field has had to face lockdowns and restrictions, making it more difficult to access information.

Promoting openness is at the heart of the response – not only as concerns the publications that result from research, but also in the process of getting there, and in subsequently sharing data and resources in order to support further exploration, education and transparency.  

The draft Recommendation prepared by UNESCO, due for agreement at its General Conference later this year, represents a very positive step, highlighting many of the issues that matter for libraries – collaboration, openness, equity and inclusiveness.

IFLA’s comments therefore focus on strengthening this focus, as well as ensuring that other aspects, such as promoting copyright reform at the international level and the full range of roles that librarians can play, are properly recognised.

IFLA looks forwards to engaging further with UNESCO around the Recommendation.

You can access IFLA’s comments on our publications page.