1 February 2012

Information for Civic Literacy

The IFLA Special Interest Group Access to Information Network - Africa (ATINA/RAIA), Information Literacy Section and Africa Section invite proposals for presentations at its upcoming Satellite meeting in Riga, Latvia.

Theme: Information for Civic Literacy

The IFLA satellite conference on "Information for Civic Literacy"
will explore the role of information professionals, educators and
public actors in promoting civic literacy and informed public choices by
citizens. This is not a matter of advocating particular political or
public policy positions, but of education for responsible citizenship
through the ways in which we provide information for citizens' decision
making in the public forum. Issues to be examined might include, for

  • the delivery of reference and information services to citizens from
    multiple sources and viewpoints so as to encourage democratic choice,
    citizen participation and the rule of law;
  • awareness of selective information delivery, propaganda and media bias
    as a new component of information literacy training; and
  • assistance to the public in accessing information from and about
    governments to promote effective popular involvement in governance,
    democratic opposition and economic development.

Special areas of interest to the conference include the development of
civic literacy in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and
Latin America, as well as increasing professional and public awareness
of information control and manipulation in the Western democracies.

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