PAC CentresIFLA’s Preservation and Conservation Centres play a valuable role in IFLA’s work to safeguard cultural heritage. Bringing together diverse experience and expertise, they form a powerful network. As IFLA renews their agreements, there is an opportunity to strengthen collaboration further, to the benefit of the whole global library field.

IFLA’s Preservation and Conservation Centres represent a unique part of the organisation. They form a global network – with members on five continents – working to promote cooperation and excellence in the preservation of library materials. They are core to the work of IFLA’s Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC).

A Growing Global Network

Since the creation of the Programme in 1984, the network of centres has grown and changed. It now takes better account of emerging questions such as digital preservation, and ongoing ones such as how to manage disaster risk. And it continues to work on developing, sharing and spreading expertise on traditional preservation and conservation.

The PAC Centres have done this through participating in international conferences and meetings, engaging with international stakeholders such as UNESCO and the Blue Shield, hosting training and workshops, and giving access to the knowledge they hold. They have shown a leadership in the field both regionally and internationally, and are continuously aiming to provide capacity building for libraries and others.

Moving Forwards, Building Collaboration

IFLA is currently renewing its agreements with its PAC Centres, continuing a shift towards a network that covers all the skills and expertise needed for preservation and conservation around the world. It is also an opportunity to look back on what has been achieved, and what more can be done.

We look forward to reinforcing complementarities and building collaborations between the centres. This will make for stronger support both to the sharing of best practices and the development of guidance within the field, but also greater visibility both for the Centres and for IFLA outside.

At this exciting time, look out for more on the PAC pages of the IFLA website, join our cultural heritage mailing list, and help us make sure that the vital heritage preservation work of libraries is recognised and supported!